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We are dedicated to boosting residential energy efficiency through tailored whole-house retrofits. Focused on sustainability, our experienced team excels across all housing types—social, owner-occupied, and rentals. Driven by a commitment to decarbonisation, we deliver customised, high-performance retrofit solutions for every unique property and client.

Retrofit Specialists

Pyramid Solution South East Limited is a leading UK provider of residential retrofit and decarbonization services. We specialize in enhancing energy efficiency for both social and private housing, deploying extensive projects that integrate low-carbon technologies. Our whole-house retrofit programs meet MCS/PAS 2030 and PAS 2035 standards, guaranteeing top-quality service across all housing types.

At Pyramid Solution South East Limited, we are proud to have delivered comprehensive retrofit projects aimed at enhancing residential energy efficiency and sustainability. Our successful initiatives cover a broad range of housing environments, reinforcing our commitment to delivering high-quality, energy-efficient solutions. Each project drives forward the agenda for sustainable living in the UK, with our efforts supported through involvement in key national schemes listed below.



Pyramid Solution South East Limited is a prominent provider of residential retrofit and decarbonisation services in the UK. We cater to both social housing sectors and private residences, overseeing and executing extensive projects aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and integrating low-carbon technologies. Our comprehensive whole-house retrofit programs adhere to MCS / PAS 2030 and PAS 2035 Standards, ensuring high-quality service delivery across various housing types.


Social Housing Development Fund


Home Upgrade Grant


Energy Company Obligation


Client Funded Projects

As a turnkey provider, we can take responsibility for the end-to-end retrofit journey. We provide surety to clients and stakeholders that all aspects and stages of their decarbonisation projects will be delivered in compliance with TrustMark requirements and the demands of specific funding schemes.

In addition to retrofit decarbonisation project delivery, our services include stock / asset and funding management, mixed tenure / private home acquisition, retrofit assessment / coordination / design services, and EEM / MCS installation.

Experience & Expertise

Established in 2012, Pyramid Solution South East Limited has consistently led the way in retrofitting efforts, adhering to high standards with PAS2035-compliant projects. Our innovative strategy involves an area-based funding model that integrates resources across various housing types to ensure widespread benefits.

Annually, our projects markedly improve living conditions for numerous households by enhancing thermal comfort and overall well-being. We actively address the urgent needs stemming from fuel poverty and the escalating cost-of-living, while also making significant strides in reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Through these efforts, we contribute effectively to the UK’s ambitions for achieving net zero targets.

Residential Services

Pyramid Solution South East Limited provides a diverse range of specialised residential services, designed to enhance the functionality and safety of homes. These include:

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