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What is an immersion element?

An immersion heater is an electrically powered component that provides hot water to your property. 

It uses a heating element immersed in a hot water cylinder filled with water; once it reaches the temperature set on a thermostat, it automatically clicks off and remains hot for a few hours depending on the level of insulation around the cylinder and the temperature around the cylinder

How do immersion elements work?

A hot water cylinder full of water is on average heated within 1- 2 hours of the immersion element being switched on. Electrical power running through a metal coiled element converts the electrical energy to heat, similar to an element in an electric kettle.

Depending on the size of your hot water cylinder, you may have multiple immersion elements fitted to help with heating the hot water. 

What service do you provide? 

We have 10 years plus experience in testing, sourcing and replacing all types and brands of immersion heating elements. Whilst older vented cylinders used common top entry or side entry immersion elements readily available, new unvented hot water cylinders are fitted with manufacturer specific immersion elements requiring specialist tools.

What does your immersion heating element installation include? 

In addition to installation of immersion heating elements to ensure they are free of leaks we carry out a full electrical assessment of the wiring and connection  to ensure it is electrically safe. Faulty elements can sometimes cause overheating or burning of the cable or the fuse spur, we assess and replace these as required.

What is the immersion heating element replacement process?

  • Test and assess the existing element/s
  • Source the correct immersion element
  • Isolate the immersion heating element from the electric supply
  • Drain down the hot water cylinder
  • Replace the immersion element, refill the cylinder and rewire
  • Test the functionality of the immersion heating element

How much does immersion heating element installation  cost? 

This can vary significantly in price due to a number of factors, such as the size of the cylinder (amount of water that needs to be drained), brand, number of elements, electrical works required and others. Our low cost competitive immersion heating element replacements start from as little as £110 + VAT.

What other services do you provide?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I need to replace my immersion element?

Your immersion element may need to be replaced for a number of reasons, including: 

  • The element has malfunctioned or is ineffectively heating the water. 
  • The component is leaky or damaged. 
  • The component needs to be replaced because it is worn. 
  • Internally corroded and is tripping the electrics

Can I change the immersion element on my own? 

It is typically advised to use a qualified plumber/electrician to change your immersion element. This is because working with electrical components can be dangerous if you are not trained and experienced. 

What is the turnaround time for an immersion heating element replacement? 

The time it takes to replace an immersion element will vary depending on umber of factors. The most important factor being the size of the cylinder and the time required to drain and refill the cylinder

Is changing an immersion element dangerous? 

If you lack the necessary training and experience, replacing an immersion element can be dangerous. When working with electrical components, it is crucial to adhere to the correct safety precautions, and it is typically advised to hire a professional to replace your immersion element. 

Is my hot water tank still functional while the immersion element is being changed? 

No. During the immersion heating element replacement process the hot water cylinder needs to be isolated and drained.

Is my cold water supply still available during the immersion heating element replacement process?

This typically depends if specific isolation valves were fitted during the installation of the cylinder, if not then the cold water supply may need to be turned off from the mains.

How long will my replacement immersion element last? 

A number of elements, including the element’s quality and usage frequency, will affect an immersion element’s lifespan. An immersion element should typically last for several years, but to make sure your system is functioning at its best, it is a good idea to have regular maintenance performed on it. 

Copper immersion heating elements tend to wear out in 2-5 years depending of the hardness of water in your area, whilst modern unvented hot water cylinder immersion elements are usually made from stainless steel and tend to last longer.

Is it possible to replace an immersion element as part of a hot water cylinder service? 

Yes, a replacement immersion element can be easily replaced during a service, as most hot water cylinder services require for the cylinder to be fully drained.

Do immersion heating elements turn off automatically?

Yes immersion elements are fitted with a thermostat that cuts off the electric supply when the desired temperature is reached.

Can you adjust the temperature on an immersion element?

Yes most of the internal thermostats within the immersion elements have an adjustable temperature gauge.

Can immersion elements be plugged into the wall?

No immersion elements should be wired into a wall fuse spur and adequately fused.

Can immersion heating elements be wired in using standard cables?

No. due to the environment they are in, they should be wired in using heat proof cables to minimise risk of burns and fires

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