Gas Boiler Servicing – why you need one every year

The importance of  annual boiler servicing as a preventative and safety measure, also how servicing boilers can help reduce cost and increase efficiency.


7 Reasons why you should have you gas boiler serviced every year 

Boilers are an integral part of most homes’ heating and hot water supply, regular maintenance helps ensure that they operate safely and efficiently. 


Here’s why it’s important. 

If you’re not sure whether your boiler needs servicing, here are 7 reasons why you should schedule a boiler service. 

1. A cost saving measure by avoiding expensive future repairs 

2. Keep the boiler running efficiently and reduce energy cost. 

3. Ensuring the safety of occupants from hazards such as Carbon Monoxide. 

4. Keeping the property safe from gas leaks and water leaks 

5. Lengthen the life of a boiler. 

6. Prevent untimely and inconvenient breakdowns  

7. Meet manufacturer requirements, such as terms of extended warranty 


Saving cost on repairs 

A service can be a great preventative measure for the breakdown of boilers or parts.  An experienced, gas safe registered service engineer is able to notice a part showing signs of wear.  A simple repair or maintenance of these parts could prevent a complete breakdown which usually would mean replacing expensive parts.  

Efficiency and energy reduction 

A smooth running boiler that has been set up for optimal efficiency will reduce  energy wastage and insure the boiler and the heating system is running efficiently.  an example of this is the modern condensing boiler which when turned up too high can reduce optimal efficiency.  

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a deadly and invisible hazard that can exist in a property from an  unmaintained or unsafe boiler. Incorrectly burning flame coupled with a poor physical condition such as breaks in seals  could lead to carbon monoxide leaking into a room with deadly effect. Boilers need regular servicing because they’re prone to wear over time.  Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced when fuel burns. This happens inside your boiler, which heats water to provide hot water for your home. CO is invisible and odourless, so it can go unnoticed. It is dangerous because it can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, unconsciousness and even death. You should always check your boiler is working properly before using it. 

Safety of your property 

Safety of a property can be an important Factor when linked to a gas installation.  although relatively to where there are instances of gas explosions major damage to property due to unsafe gas suppliers. Another significant damage can be caused by water leaks,  when unattended or in concealed spaces Even a small leak over time can cause considerable damage to the Fabric of a property.  an important safeguarding measure would be to find and repair these leaks before they become a major issue.  

Extending the life of the boiler  

Similar to how we service our cars regularly, servicing a boiler could ensure that the moving parts within the boiler are operating correctly and making sure that these parts are working as intended. This could prevent any future breakdown of components, ensuring that the boiler runs correctly for longer. Also in the same way that oil change is  carried out in a car to make sure that the engine is running smoothly, servicing the boiler and a magnetic filter (if present) ensures  the presence of the correct chemicals such as inhibitors which could prevent the buildup of excessive sludge in the system, in turn extend the life of that boiler.  

Preventing untimely breakdowns 

Considerable amount of boiler breakdowns occur during the months of September to November. Typically these are the moments where we need the boiler to operate the most as this is the start of the cold season and in many cases the boilers are being turned on for the first time in several months. A timely boiler service carried out during late spring or summer months ensures the boiler is primed for the upcoming winter months and minimises the risk of breakdown in the months you need the boiler to operate the most.  

Meeting requirements and obligations 

Oramorph boiler manufacturers are offering extended warranties and their products of up to 10 years.  Generally the main requirement for these warranties, apart from the boilers being installed, correctly is that they are serviced at least once every 12 months. Not having a service document in place could mean that the manufacturer does not honour the warranty,  so it’s important to make sure a boiler service is carried out and recorded prior to the expiry date. 


How often should a boiler be serviced? 

There are generally two main reasons why a boiler needs to be serviced, firstly, that it is a requirement by the manufacturer and typically applies to new boilers that are still under warranty to which the manufacturer would require a minimum of 12 monthly services on your boiler in order to honour the warranty. Allowing this 12-month period to elapse without actually carrying out the required service could invalidate the warranty or at the very least in the event of a breakdown and may prompt a full service before the manufacturer is happy to visit the property.  

Secondly a service is carried out as a preventative measure and also as above it has become the industry standard for such preventative and maintenance boiler servicing also be carried out every 12 months.  the general consensus is there properly carried out monthly service should either  minimise the risk of a breakdown or foresee any upcoming issues I can be dealt with before the problem escalates.  for example noticing a small leak and repairing it could be the difference between in a relatively cheap repair are compared to to eventually replacing an expensive partt on the boiler 

Is boiler servicing a legal requirement? 

A boiler service is not a legal requirement and is often confused with a gas safety certificate which has to be carried out for rental properties in the UK. Whilst there are overlapping checks that are carried out during both of these inspections, there are still a number of differences present. A landlord gas safety certificate checks the entire gas installation within a property.  This includes the gas metre, visible pipework, and all the gas appliances, the boiler service  concentrates on the boiler and its functionalities.  Although gas engineers visiting a property to carry out a boiler service have a duty of care to ensure other gas installations in the property are not unsafe and highlight any issues, the engineers are not under any obligation to carry out tests on any other parts of the installation.  


Why have a boiler service? 

Boilers need regular maintenance to ensure they’re working efficiently. Annual servicing is recommended by manufacturers to keep your boiler performing well. You should check your boiler’s warranty before booking a service appointment. 

Boilers need regular servicing to keep working efficiently. The most common cause of failure is blocked flue gases which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why it is important to have your boiler serviced annually. 

 Gas boilers are designed to operate efficiently over long periods of time. They require regular servicing to ensure that they continue to function properly. This is because they use fuel to heat water which needs to be replenished periodically. 



What does a boiler service involve? 

The boiler will need to be tested regularly to ensure it is safe to use. This is done through the process of inspection and maintenance. Inspection involves checking the boiler for any damage or leaks. Maintenance includes cleaning the boiler and making sure all parts are working correctly. An important part of this is also to check that the flues are secure and clear,  a blockage or damage to the flu could mean that the boiler will not function correctly.  

Boiler servicing should include: 

  • Checking the pressure relief valve,  
  • Flue pipe connections,  
  • Safety valves,  
  • Thermostat,  
  • User controls 
  • Loss of pressure 
  • Pilot light,  
  • Ventilation  

and any other components that may need attention.  

The boiler should also be checked for leaks, cracks, corrosion, and worn parts. 


When is the best time of year to have my annual boiler check? 

Boilers need regular servicing to ensure they’re working properly. The best time to do this is between October and March, when the weather is milder and there’s not much chance of water damage. This will ensure that your boiler is working properly and efficiently throughout the coldest months of the year. 


Final Thoughts  

The boiler is an essential  component of a home or a property, And it is vitally it important for it to be reliable and efficient as  it does not only Contribute to comfort but also required for wellbeing. What’s the boiler service cannot guarantee reliability it goes a long way in insuring that it operates safely and efficiently Whilst reducing the risk rating.  

Whether you are a landlord or homeowner call us enquire about booking a service, alternatively if you are unsure about your needs use our free service discovery call to receive detailed information about your needs with no obligation to use our services. 


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