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Our property inventory services provide detailed and accurate records of the condition and contents of rental properties. We offer competitive pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is a property Inventory ? 

A property inventory is a detailed record of a rental property’s condition and contents. It usually includes descriptions and photographs of every item in the property, as well as a report on the property’s overall condition. 

Property inventories are typically required for rental properties to provide a record of the property’s condition and contents at the start of a tenancy. This can be useful in resolving any disputes that may arise during or after the tenancy regarding the property’s condition or contents. 

A property inventory can also help protect the landlord’s interests by providing evidence of the property’s condition prior to the tenant moving in. This can come in handy if the tenant contests any deductions from the deposit for damages or unpaid rent. 

Property inventories can also benefit tenants by providing a record of the property’s condition and contents when they move in. This can be useful in resolving any disputes that may arise during the tenancy regarding the condition of the property or its contents.

What does the inventory report include? 

Our property inventory reports include:

  • Detailed descriptions and photographs of every item in the property including furniture, appliances, fixtures and fixtures
  • A report on the overall condition of the property, including any visible damage, repairs or maintenance that may be required

How much does your inventory service cost? 

Our property inventory services start at £90 + VAT this however depends on the size, contents and complexity of the property.

What happens after the inventory is completed? 

After the inventory is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report that includes all of the information and photographs we collected during the assessment. We will also provide you with a copy of the report for your records.

What other related services do you provide? 

Gas Safety Certificate:

A certificate issued after inspection and testing of the complete gas installation within a property, including the gas appliances. The installation is checked for both correct operation and safety. In the UK a Gas Safety Certificate is a legal requirement to rent a property and needs to be renewed every 12 months.


Electrical Installation Condition Report formerly known as periodic Inspection Report is an certificate outlining the condition of the electrical installation within a property and any potential or existing hazards. An EICR is a legal requirement for rental properties in the UK and may be required if you are selling your home.

Boiler Servicing: 

An annual boiler service is carrying out a series of checks and cleaning to the boiler in order to maintain and increase the life of a boiler. It is also a requirement by the manufacturer to honour any boiler guarantees. 

PAT Testing 

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the label used for inspection and testing of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use and clear of any hazards. Majority of  electrical safety issues can be found by visual inspection but some types of defects can only be found by testing. Using the correct calibrated PAT testing equipment.


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document collated from an energy assessment of a property to outline how efficiently the property performs in energy consumption and heat retention. Similar to the  multi-coloured labels now seen on new appliances,  EPCs advise how energy efficient a building is and give it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). In the UK an EPC is a legal document required to rent or sell your property.

Legionella Risk Assessment:

To help identify potential risk factors in buildings, premises, and facilities, a legionella risk assessment is used. In order to establish effective Legionella risk controls, the findings are then used to identify the interventions that are necessary as well as the procedures and policies that need to be put in place in order to avoid existence and spread of Legionella.

Asbestos Surveys:

Asbestos surveys are inspections undertaken within a building, a property or home for the purpose of identifying existence of asbestos containing material (ACM).

Fire Risk Assessments:

Fire Risk Assessment is a thorough inspection of place of business or residence to gather visual information if any fire hazards exist, if they could cause harm, quantify the level of risk and how best they can be removed. 

Commercial EPC:

Energy Performance Certificate for office buildings, mixed used, commercial and industrial properties. A certificate required for rental or sale of any commercial property.

Property Inventories:

Rental property inventory services, including one off inventories, check ins, check outs, interim reports and mid term reports.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to complete an inventory? 

The size and complexity of the property determine how long it takes to finish an inventory. An inventory typically takes 2-4 hours for a small property and 4-6 hours for a bigger one to complete. 

Do you offer both furnished and unfurnished property inventory services? 

Yes, we offer inventory services for properties with and without furniture. 

Do you provide commercial property inventory services?

Yes we provide  inventory services for both residential and commercial properties 

Can I view an example of an inventory report before I use your company? 

Yes, upon request, we would be pleased to send you a sample inventory report. Contact us if you would like further details. 

How do you manage any potentially sensitive documents within the property? 

We go out of our way to treat every thing in a property with decency and confidentiality. We take precautions to prevent these goods from being photographed or otherwise recorded and we do not include sensitive personal objects or papers in our inventory report. 

Can I alter the range of your inventory services to suit my unique requirements? 

Yes, we would be pleased to work with you to customise our inventory services to fit your unique requirements. To discuss your specific needs, please contact us. 

Do you provide inventory services for short-term rentals like holiday rentals on Airbnb? 

Yes, we provide inventory services for both short- and long-term rentals. 

How do you resolve disagreements on the state or contents of a property? 

In the event of a disagreement, we will review our thorough inventory record and pictures to settle the matter. Our reports are admissible as evidence in court when appropriate because we take great care to accurately capture the state and contents of a property. 

How can you make sure your inventory reports are accurate and comprehensive? 

To guarantee the quality and thoroughness of our inventory reports, we employ a standardised assessment approach. We use specialist software to ensure all the information is correctly recorded and securely uploaded with the correct timestamps. We take great care to thoroughly describe the state and contents of a property using precise descriptions and high quality photos.

Do you provide services for pet-friendly property inventories? 

Absolutely, we provide inventory services for homes with dogs. Any pet-related items, including beds or toys, will be listed in our inventory report. 

Do you give discounts to customers who rebook or have numerous properties? 

Yes, we give discounts to customers who return and to those who own numerous properties. Contact us if you would like further details. 

Do I need to call to make an appointment for your inventory services, or can I reserve them online? 

Our inventory services can be reserved over the phone or online. Simply call us or go to our website to make a booking. 

Do you provide emergency or same-day inventory services? 

Yes, for urgent situations, we provide same-day and emergency inventory services. Please be aware that there can be additional charges for certain services. 

How can the property’s protection and safety be guaranteed while the inventory is being taken? 

During the inventory process, we take great care to ensure the property’s protection and safety. All of the objects in the property are handled with care by our team members, and we take precautions to make sure that all windows and doors are properly shut before leaving the building. 

Are inventory services available after regular business hours? 

Yes, if necessary, we can offer inventory services outside regular office hours. Please be aware that there can be additional charges for certain services. 

Are digital versions of your inventory reports available? 

We exclusively provide digital versions of our inventory reports, yes. We are unable to email the files because of their size, we do however provide you a secure link to download a completed inventory.

Do your inventory services come with any assurances ? 

Absolutely, our staff are trained to the highest standards and regularly revisit their competences by being trained and assessed by our governing body PropertyMark to ensure we follow all the necessary guidelines. 

Do you provide any extra assistance to landlords and tenants with regard to their rental properties? 

In order to assist landlords and renters with their rental properties, we do indeed provide a variety of additional services and tools. In addition to maintenance and repair assistance, this also provides management and upkeep guidance for rental units. 

Is an inventory of a rental property needed by law for a landlord? 

Landlords are not required by law to keep an inventory of their rental properties in England and Wales. However, having an inventory can help safeguard the landlord’s interests and serve as proof of the property’s state and contents in the event of a dispute. 

Is it obligatory by law for tenants to put down a deposit when renting a home? 

If a tenant is renting a property under an assured shorthold tenancy in England and Wales, the landlord is legally required to safeguard the tenant’s security deposit in a government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme (AST). Within 30 days of receiving the deposit, landlords must also give tenants specific information regarding the deposit protection programme. 

What is the most a landlord may demand as a security deposit? 

The maximum deposit a landlord may demand is based on the value of the rental home. The maximum deposit for homes with annual rents under £50,000 is equal to five weeks’ worth of rent. The maximum deposit for homes with annual rent of £50,000 or more is equal to six weeks’ worth of rent. 

If a renter has a pet, can the landlord request a larger security deposit? 

Landlords are not permitted to increase the security deposit in England and Wales just because a tenant has a pet. However, if a landlord is worried about the possibility of harm brought on by a pet, they may ask the tenant to pay an extra “pet damage deposit.” The tenancy deposit and this supplementary deposit both need to be protected. 

If a renter has a bad credit history, can the landlord request a larger deposit? 

A landlord cannot raise the deposit in England and Wales only because the renter has a bad credit history. However, if the landlord has doubts about the tenant’s ability to pay the rent, they may demand an additional deposit or a guarantor. 

Can a landlord utilise the security deposit from a tenant to pay for late rent or repairs? 

In England and Wales, a landlord may only utilise a tenant’s security deposit to pay for late fees or damage claims after giving the tenant written notice and an itemised breakdown of any deductions. Ten days after the renter vacates the property, the landlord must also give the tenant any unpaid balance of the deposit. 

What happens if the landlord doesn’t give the tenant their security deposit back within ten days of the lease expiring? 

Tenants have a legal right to their security deposit if the landlord does not return it within 10 days of the lease expiring. If the deposit was covered by one of these plans, the tenant may also report the landlord to the tenancy deposit protection scheme. 

Can a tenant contest a deposit deduction if they don’t agree with it? 

Yes, if a tenant objects to a deduction from their deposit, they may contest it. If the deposit was covered by one of these programmes, the tenant may ask the landlord for a written explanation and may also seek assistance from the tenancy deposit protection system.

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